End the Divide: The Surprising Power of Ordinary People to Fix What Went Wrong

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I’m Dwight, and I have a thought experiment for you.

For a moment, let’s just imagine you and I are on opposite sides of the divide.

(I don’t know if we are, but let’s just pretend.)


…let’s also imagine that God says to you and to me, “I’m not gonna let either one of you into heaven until you two become friends.”

(I’m not saying that’s how things work. This is a thought experiment, okay?)

So God just barred the door to heaven until you and I figure out how to become friends, until you and I end the divide that separates us.

How are we going to do it?

Any ideas?

It’s not easy, is it?

Yet if we could peek into heaven, we would find all kinds of people who were once upon a time on opposite sides of the divide. Now they’re best buddies.

How did they do it? How did they overcome those huge differences to become such good friends?

I’ve been pondering this for a long time.

And it occurs to me that you and I ask ourselves a certain set of questions as we navigate toward friendship with each other.

For example: Am I safe with you? Can I be myself with you? Are you going to attack me for who I am and what I believe? How much of myself can I safely share?

Of course there are many other questions, but that gives you an idea.

So how do we end the divide? As I thought through this and prayed through this, I came up with some answers.

You and I have this surprising power to fix what went wrong. But wrapping our minds around this power that we have—it takes time. I can’t explain it in a paragraph or in a one minute video. I really needed a whole book to show you what I discovered.

I want to share this book with you because I think you’ll be amazed at what you have the power to do.

Here's a sample:

You can order the book here or on Amazon.

“I just finished reading your book [End the Divide]. It is provocative, insightful, biblical and challenging. I wish the whole world could read it, especially leaders & politicians.” Pastor Warren Heckman

What’s in the book?

One day I was sitting in a restaurant talking with someone who was loudly proclaiming his disgust that people of color “play the race card.” I’m not going to try to sway you Right or Left with this story, but it opens up an amazing insight into human nature—an insight most people miss. And it helps to explain why the methods people use to end the divide simply don’t work.

Did you know good people and bad people fix things differently? Do you know why that’s important? (Hint: It helps to explain why it’s so hard to end the divide.)

Ever wonder why protests and demonstrations get louder and louder, angrier and angrier, why they turn destructive, why they turn violent, and why, in the end, the needle doesn’t move?

Why do good people disagree? And why is that wonderful news when it comes to ending the divide?

Why are former enemies now best friends in heaven? How is that possible?

Can you get sued in heaven? If not, why not?

Does anger—even righteous anger—make you stronger or weaker?

What’s the single best thing you can do for your world?

I had this really neat encounter with a homeless woman one day. It lasted less than 60 seconds, but I think I’ll remember it forever.

In 1999, my dad died unexpectedly. No warning. But a week before he died, he taught me something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

How would our world be different if you and I worked together to end the divide?

In the book, I also outline a step-by-step process for ending the divide.

You can order the book here or on Amazon.

In short…

This is a carefully thought out, fresh, original, Christian approach to ending polarization. If you believe it’s not okay for good people to hate each other, this book is for you. This is NOT about changing how you vote. This is about the surprising power you have to fix what went wrong.

You can order the book here or on Amazon.

Here’s what others are saying:

Of course, there are jerks out there. But you’re not one of them. That’s why you often ask yourself, What can I do to resolve conflict and make the world a little nicer place to live? It turns out one person—that’s you—can make a difference! Please take full advantage of Dwight Clough’s real world plan in End the Divide. ~ Jay Payleitner, National speaker and best-selling author of 30+ books including Don’t Take the Bait to Escalate: Conflict is Inevitable. Being a Jerk is Optional.

What happened to love? It has been replaced with a “great divide” here in the US and around the world. How do we fix it? Dwight Clough opens his innermost thoughts and shares a “what if—what then” scenario for ending the divide—how the impossible becomes possible. End the Divide is a book you’ll want to share with your friends. Thumbs up for this must read. ~ J.P. Olson, thewordwithjpolson.com

We live in divisive times when people label anyone not of their tribe as the enemy. In an acrimonious and uncertain world End The Divide offers hope. Author Dwight Clough has crafted a simple, yet profound, methodology for helping us see past that which separates us—THE DIVIDE—and treat each other with respect while seeking common ground. Dwight provides a road map for ending the divide. ~ Mark Meador, International Business Developer

Bravo! I loved it. You laid out your vision for the movement beautifully. The seven steps flow seamlessly from one to the next, elegantly paving a path to a better world… Truly listening to others and connecting on a deeper level is an amazing super power available to all who wish to employ it. But sadly, it is a choice few access regularly… Egos are stubborn things, aren't they? [But] it must start with us... ~ Alan Steacy, Copy Clean-Up Specialist

End the Divide has given me more than just hope that the divide can end, it gives us the way to do it. ~ Neil Mathweg, agentrisecoaching.com

You can order the book here or on Amazon.

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End the Divide: The Surprising Power of Ordinary People to Fix What Went Wrong

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